Find out why aficionados insist on a single malt scotch, how Cognac differs from other brandies, and what made Patron an Ultra-Premium Tequila.


Light Rum

It is also referred to as silver rum and white rum, and has very little flavour aside from a general sweetness and it is usually served as a base for cocktails. It comes mostly from Puerto Rico.

Gold Rum

It is also referred to as amber rum, and is predominantly medium bodied that is generally aged longer than Light Rum. It has more flavour, and is stronger tasting than Silver Rum.

Spiced Rum

This rum obtains its flavour through the addition of spices, and sometimes caramel as well. It is darker in colour and is based on gold rums.

Dark Rum

It is also referred to as black rum or red rum, and is classed as a grade darker than gold rum. Generally aged longer in heavily charred barrels, it mostly comes from areas such as Jamaica, Haiti, and Martinique.

Flavoured Rum

Some manufacturers have begun to sell rums infused with flavours of fruits such as banana, mango, orange, citrus, coconut or lime. These are generally less than 40% alcohol, and are served to flavour similarly themed tropical drinks. It is also often drunk neat or on the rocks depending on taste.

Overproof Rum

This is rum that is much higher than the standard 40% alcohol. Most of these rums bear greater content usually above 60% and in fact, preparations of 75% to 80% occur commonly as well.

Premium Rum

As with other sipping spirits, such as Cognac and Scotch, a market exists for premium and super-premium rums. These are generally boutique brands that sells carefully produced and aged rums. They have more character and flavour than their "mixing" counterparts, and are generally consumed straight or neat.

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