Peychaud's Bitters

Peychaud's Bitters is a bitters distributed by the Sazerac Company. It was originally created around 1830 by Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a Creole apothecary from the French colony of Saint-Domingue who settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1795.

Peychaud’s remains in bars because of the Sazerac, though the Sazerac is becoming a staple cocktail again, Peychaud’s still remains under used. And though others may be older, Peychaud’s was likely the one of the first bitters to be sold commercially, and internationally in 1840. Antoine Paychaud Senior invented it, though Jr made it famous and the necessary ingredient for the Sazerac Coffeehouse’s signature cocktail: the Sazerac.
Like many early medicines, Peychaud’s was mixed with brandy as a stomach tonic. And perhaps similar to any medicine, it treats symptoms just as much as anything. Peychaud’s is very complex, it lightly tastes of vanilla and nuts, and there is a light anise flavor. Its bright red color adds fun to any cocktail, especially clear cocktails. Anytime you learn a classic like the Sazerac, try to learn another drink that time forgot like the Incognito, recipe below.

Peychaud's Bitters

An aromatic bitter based in a rich New Orleans history, created in 1830 by Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a Creole apothecary. When compared to Angostura, you'll find Peychaud's a lighter body, sweeter taste, floral aroma and notes of anise.

ColorCherry cough syrup colored in the bottle, bright red (read, REALLY bright red) in a drink.
AromaSweeter than angostura bitters with anise and slight cherry, nutmeg and clove flavors.
FinishA must have item for a bar for either a Sazerac or other drinks that call for Peychauds or as a specified bitter by a customer- otherwise people will wonder what happened to their drink as this bitter has a very distinctive taste. Goes well with cognac or rye-based drinks in particular.

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