The London No. 1 Gin

The London Nº1 is a unique gin. It is all of the components that give The London Nº 1 its singular character - the quality of the ingredients, the distillation method, the colour and the bottle's design.


The Unique Flavour

Distilled in small batches in the heart of London, this gin's unique flavour is the result of the quality of the raw ingredients used, as well as its distillation in Pot Stills (traditionally the only stills used for distillation in small quantities).


The London No. 1 Gin 47%

Made with English grain neutral spirit redistilled with 12 botanicals: juniper, liquorice, orris root, cinnamon, almond, bergamot, savory, coriander, angelica root, cassia, lemon peel and orange peel.

Colour Turquoise blue.
Nose Herbs such as coriander and hints of angelica, alongside the traditional juniper.
Taste Zesty and spicy on the palate, with ripe lemons and liquorice.
Finish Lingers just long enough, with cinnamon and cassia bark to end.

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