Canadian Club

Canadian Club’s success and longevity can be attributed not only to the style associated with it, but also the quality of the product inside the bottle.

Begin as Grain Merchant

Hiram Walker, a successful grain merchant, founded what would become Canadian Club in 1858. Their first distillery was established in Walkerville, Ontario because of the exceptional quality of the local grains there. In those early days, if you wanted whisky, you took your own jug or bottle to the local store and filled it from a generic barrel. They didn’t care for that idea.

Traditional Production Process

Their whiskies was different – smooth and easy to drink and they wanted people to know who made it. So they branded their barrels with their name on it, as a signature of confidence and assurance of quality. Today, over 150 years later, the production process for their blended whiskies remains mostly unchanged, with the same dedication to creating consistently delicious and smooth whisky.

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